Sunday, December 23, 2007

What advice would I give to someone who has my "struggles"?

This questions was asked me by my Stake President (a church leader). (I was struggling mostly with the eating disorder when I wrote this. This was one of the first times that I realized I knew how to help me. I knew better than everyone around me - I just had to learn to trust me.
"I probably wouldn't offer advice really... most people know what they need to do, but they lack the courage or motivation to do it. Instead, I would put my arms around her, hug her and tell her she is loved. I would look for her strengths, point those out to her, and show her how those strengths will help her in through this struggle. I would tell her to take care of herself. I would spend a lot of time just listening.

I would talk about the atonement, and how Christ can make us whole. I would ask her to pray, ask for priesthood blessings, and to read conference talks... and to search topics like love, faith, forgiveness, and hope.

I would pray for her, and I would call her often to let her know someone is thinking about her"