Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still Me

Often, once a person has developed an eating disorder, it is easy to begin thinking of yourself as an Eating Disorder. Once a person has been abused, she begins to think of herself as a victim. Better than a victim, is a survivor, but I think no matter what happens to me, I am still me.

Abuse, eating disorders, addictions, life experiences have changed me forever, but I am still me. Please, see me! Understand me! Don’t lump me in a category, so you don’t have to know me.

I want to be loved for who I am. I want to be heard for what I have to say. I want to be known for what I have to offer.

Please, don’t forget, I am still me.


  1. When I read this on the sidebar, I thought this was something you had written in this past year... Then I thought it would be cool to read your first post ever and here it was... 2007... just proves how insightful you have always been. I feel excited and blessed and grateful to even be given the option to read this... but I feel like I can't read too much too fast. I want to soak it in.. thank you jen

  2. :) I would love to say I wrote this in 2007, but somehow it got posted wrong... it should have been June 2008. (I am changing it now.)

    Thank you! I love you so much!!

  3. I love you for you. I think sometimes it's easy for us to define ourselves by things that have happened. You have been a victim, a survivor and those things will always be a part of you. You're also a sister, a daugher, a friend. Those things are part of you too. Ultimately, who you are is not defined by any one thing, but a conglomeration of everything. You are unique and beautiful and fabulous. And you are you, and that is what is most important.