Saturday, July 24, 2010

The last flashbacks you'll ever have

This morning I was feeling ANXIOUS! Flashbacks. Shaky. Nauseous. Yuck!

This afternoon I rode Sunny. Full speed. Around the arena. Gravel flying in BJ's face as Bo tried to keep up. Couldn't think of anything except the feel of the wind in my face and hair. And staying in the saddle. (Which I did!)

Now I feel better.

BJ says we should patten the idea.
Flashbacks start, jump on the horse and ride full speed. The only problem? I've been riding for a long time, and THIS is the first time I have felt confident enough to do it.

But, one way or the other, they'll be the last flashbacks ever...

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  1. I feel good about you patenting the idea and sharing it with the world. I know you will help thousands.