Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Winter!

I felt like sharing pictures of my house, so I am:
This was a few days ago. It was foggy, and the fog froze on everything. EVERYTHING was completely coated.

It's kind of magical.

My favorite.

Cool. Huh?

This all slid off in the afternoon, so I only got to see this coolness for a few hours. (Incidentally, the neighbors barn and yard look like a painting. I live in a beautiful place!)

"Jen, where's the grain??? The hay is fine, but we want GRAIN."
I was out. I forgot to buy more. They hung out waiting for a while...

Oh, and aren't Sunny's spots cool?? He only has those in the winter. (Sunny's the palomino. Bo, the paint, has those spots year round. :) )


  1. Haha, I don't know much about horses, but I am able to atleast guess that the black and white horse stays black and white all year long, and that it is the other horse whose spots you were refering to.

    Great pictures! I especially like the icicles.

  2. You sure do live in a beautiful place. And the pictures are delightful.

    Much magic indeed. Thank you for sharing these. ;)

  3. Yeti - you made me chuckle.
    N - Thank you!

  4. Jen! Gorgeous place to live! Looks a bit chilly though. I am not missing the snow there. But it is beautiful. And as for might like it. Here is a link:

    Hope things are going well, I am going to spend the next 15 min blog stalking you and find out. I haven't been keeping up on blogs lately. ;) I go through phases I guess.

  5. Beautiful. I love it when branches and twigs are covered in ice crystals. I think they look like a fairytale when they do.
    And you must have a metal roof, we just got one a month ago and I think the awesome snow slides are a under advertised benefit of a metal roof.

  6. Sweet pics Jen. When I went up there the other day I was incredibly tempted to pull out my camera and take some pictures. I didn't however, but you did a wonderful job of showcasing the beauty of where you live. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ash - Thanks! And smashing looks like something I actually could get into... How'd the blogstalking go??

    Carol - Thanks, and yes. Metal Roof. For a few days the snow sliding (and crashing to the ground) startled me every time. I'm getting more used to it now. :)

    Dann - Next time, pull out the camera. And thanks.