Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sensory Overload posted about dragonflies and what they symbolize. (okay, that's not really what she was posting about. She posted about change and life and mentioned the symbolism of dragonflies.)

I like the symbolism, and it reminded me of this picture. So, I'm sharing it.

It was taken almost three years ago. I was at church. Something that was said really upset me, and if I remember right, I literally RAN outside. I stood there, crying... Why couldn't I be happy in church? What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I just sit there like everyone else? Why did the silly and messed up things people said affect me? Why couldn't I just agree with them? Why didn't I get the life where cliches about happiness and trials made sense? Why did I get the life where I knew that it didn't work out quite as nicely as the "soundbites" I heard at church? Why the hell was THIS my life? And what was I supposed to do about it?

And then this beautiful dragonfly landed on me.

A lot has changed since that day. Was it symbolic?


  1. So spectacular that they landed right there and held you and you held them.

    Change does come in so many forms. Dragonflies are very much a symbol of change and TRUST for me. They've always been a teacher that I've relied upon in learning for myself. They really do not land where they don't want to, so dear jen, I truly believe they are part of your process even if not something realized in the moment.

    When I read what you've written ^^^^ up there, I cannot help but smile; believing and truly knowing that there is/was so much more for you.

    That is so wonderfully beautifully a capture. Even though I crouch in the thick of brush and only hope to capture the brilliance of these amazing souls; YOU had one that landed upon you.

    That to me is MAGIC.

    Thus affirming what goodness YOU, are.


  2. That's an awesome photo and an awesome story! Yes--a symbolic moment, indeed.

  3. I agree with sensory overload. I also believe that you are an amazing soul. Love you so much.