Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three months Post Op - I thought I'd be feeling better by now. #Endometriosis

It's been three months since I had surgery. I was amazed at how much better I felt after surgery.

And then I started moving around more.

Three weeks ago, we had a tradeshow to go to. I know I overdid it. There were a lot of things to carry and set up, and it was a lot of work. It had to be done. Ever since then, I have been in enough pain that I have yet to feel like doing much more than what I have to do. I have yet to work a full week, so I'm not even doing what I have to do yet.

Todd went fishing this morning, and I didn't even think about going because I didn't want to go.
I haven't felt much like fishing for a year. I haven't felt like riding in more than that. (I also haven't ridden much because Todd's horse has been lame, so if I go riding, it's by myself. But to be honest, I haven't even felt like doing that, because it hurt too much.)

But before surgery it felt like I could just ignore the pain if I had to... push through it... And pushing through it didn't make things worse like it seems to now.

I just thought I'd feel better. I just thought that by now I'd want to be outside with the horses again or starting to work on my garden or fishing... or if not fishing, hiking and taking pictures (because the water is still a little cold for me to think fishing is fun, even if I felt amazing.)

Today, I just feel discouraged.

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