Friday, August 14, 2009

Take a rest, then move on when you're ready

While at CFC, I got to go on one outdoor activity. We were supposed to go repelling. I am not sure how, but I convinced Kortney to let me go. As we started hiking up, I was tired, I was dizzy, I had to rest.

I asked Clair, "I know its good to rest when I need to rest, but isn't it also good to push yourself? I mean, if I just let my body rest when it wanted to, I would never go anywhere or do anything..."

Her reply has stuck with me for a year now. She said, "If you are hiking and you start telling yourself, just a little farther, and you have to give yourself major pep-talks to keep your feet moving, and you aren't enjoying the hike anymore, take a rest, then move on when you're ready."

We did that. We rested a lot. We moved a lot slower than I had ever moved on a hike before. And, I had a great time! (We also got lost, and ended up hiking much farther than we needed. By the time we caught up to the group, I had missed repelling... It was worth it though. I found I could hike a lot if I just took it slow.)

Since then, I have found that idea works in life. I am really good at convincing myself to endure things I don't HAVE to endure. I can keep going when it seems impossible. However, I don't enjoy life. I miss out on things, and it usually isn't helpful.

Seeing her tonight, reminded me, and it was a good reminder. It is actually okay to rest... as often as I need, and I'll make it much farther than if I try to run up the mountain.

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  1. I totally agree with that. I love hiking as long as I'm allowed to rest when I need to. I think it's a great metaphor for life as well.