Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marketing Genius... that kills!

I don't write about this stuff often... But, this morning, I caught a glimpse of a TV show. They were interviewing a 44-year old lawyer who was on the quest to have the "perfect body." She recently had plastic surgery - an amazing new procedure where they remove the fat from your butt and stomach and put it in your breasts.

They showed her before and after pictures, and were commenting on how she now looks like she is 24... No, not really. She looks like she is 10... with big boobs. I can't believe THIS is what we think is beautiful! I felt sad and disgusted. I thought of my friends - some that are STILL willing to die to have that "perfect" body...

The show was on as background noise, but I couldn't ignore it. I commented about it. My friend... "I know, I wish I could look like that." (Followed by the, Jen, how do YOU do it? You look so great. I wish I could be thin like you. Do you have to work out lots? What do you eat? GAH! Stop!!! I tried to share with her about intuitive eating and that I love my body, and size is not important. She didn't believe me... and I don't know if I would have believed me from looking at me either.)

There are so many women that have this strange ideal of beauty. Where did that come from? Greed.

I keep hearing about studies done that talk about the early Americans. They were more fit, because they ate less fat, or they ate more protein, or they exercised more, or there was less processed food, or...

My theory? They ate when they were hungry. They took care of their bodies with a better balance of rest and work. Mostly, they were not constantly bombarded with advertising telling them what to eat and what not to eat... Even the government decided to get in on it and created a pyramid. Where did that come from? How does the government know what is best for for every individual? They don't. They can't!

Now, we are constantly bombarded by advertising: diets, food, gyms, plastic surgeons, the government, clothing and fashion, health care, every where we turn. Even my cereal this morning... It informed that 95% of Americans don't get enough fiber... Why are they telling me that? Because its a high-fiber cereal and they want me to buy it!

The woman with the fat removed from her butt... She is a victim of genius marketing. She has to look like that, because she works in Hollywood, and in order to be successful... Its all lies!

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  1. I agree, our society has come to idealize what is in many cases a fantasy. I've watched shows about how the pictures in magazines are often doctored because no one actually looks like those pictures.

    If only we could idealize being healthy. Healthy people don't all look the same but they can run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.