Monday, January 11, 2010

You're right! I'm not a size ANYTHING. I am Jen.

I went swimsuit shopping with a friend yesterday. She was stressing that now I know what size she wears. In an effort to get her to stop stressing about the DAMN NUMBER, I said, "Presently, in my closet I have size 1 to size 10, and I wear that whole range. It just depends on the cut... SIZE is NOT important!!"

Her reply, "There is no way you are a size 10!"

You're right! I am not a size 10! I am Jen, and I just happen to wear the clothes that fit. I don't care what number that is... 10, 1, 7, 42... It doesn't matter!!!

She didn't understand. She still thinks she's right. She entirely missed the point...


  1. I know that you already know this... But size x y and z all fit, are all okay; and like you said... are all irrelevant when thinking about how much I love and appreciate Jen.

  2. Girl sizes are a mystery to me. I've never understood them. But even if I did understand them, they still wouldn't matter one iota to who you really are.