Saturday, March 6, 2010

Even those that are really deep.

Celebrating a friend's birthday. Eating at Tucano's. Who would be in line behind us?

Richard G. Scott

The man whose talks on abuse have been like my bible... The man whose words I have lived by whenever things have been too hard to think... One of the few men in leadership of the church that I believe understands what I am going through, and who I trust... One of the few people on BJ's list of approved people for me to listen to...

As soon as I saw him, I started to cry. I gave him my best radiant smile through the tears... And I sat down. I told Dann who he was. I sat at the table, shaking, crying, trying to look okay, but I just wanted to talk to him.

I wasn't sure what to say. I knew I wouldn't really have a chance to talk, but I wanted him to know how grateful I was.

Other people started noticing it was him. Several others went and took pictures with him. I didn't want to be obnoxious like that. Chris and Emily went and talked to him. Kyle and Karli went and talked to him. Dann and Jen sat there...

Until suddenly Jen was walking towards him. Dann followed me, and just as I was about to chicken out, Dann smiled at him and caught his attention. "This is my wife, and she would like to talk to you for a second."

I just wanted to thank you for your talks on abuse. They have really helped me.

He smiled, he has very kind eyes, and said, "The amazing thing about the atonement is that it truly will heal EVERY scar. Even those that are really deep. Trust that."

At this point, I was no longer breathing. Eyes were too teary to see. He smiled again, touched my hand, and moved on. Dann and I left the restaurant, and I sobbed. The sobs that come from deep inside. Dann asked what I was thinking.

I don't know. No thoughts. Just deep emotions. Very deep. Hurts. Fears.


It was amazing that HE was there. Not any of the others that I don't really care about. Just him. At Tucano's... Which is not a place we would go to normally... I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I am glad I talked to him. Not something I would have done before:
  • Admitting that I have been abused to a complete stranger.
  • Talking to someone that is "famous" but that I don't know. Even with the feeling that I am annoying, and he doesn't want to hear me, and... all of that... I still talked.
Not what I expected from going to Tucano's... but when is life ever what I expect?

He has given many talks. Several on the same topic.
To me, PERSONALLY, he said, I can be healed. I can trust.

I heard him tell ME that I could be healed.


  1. Holy Moly..
    Why didn't I know about this experience. Amazing.. I am sitting here on the verge of tears..
    I know that I am no prophet, seer nor revelator, but I completely agree with him in that you "personally can be healed."
    I love this..
    I love you

  2. He is totally right. The Savior can heal even the deepest scars. That is a really neat experience. The Lord was watching over you. He put you in Elder Scott's presence, because He knew you needed to hear those words. Awesome.