Sunday, March 28, 2010


horses... I love being with them. Watching them. Riding them. Learning about them.
being outdoors... mountains. valleys. neighborhoods. parks. beaches. lakes. streams. deserts. sunsets. sunrises. rain. snow. sunshine. wind. all of it.
walking... feeling my body move. seeing new things. hearing new sounds. thinking uninterrupted. the smell of others' laundry drying.
heart-to-heart talks...
my cat... she cuddles up and i feel loved without fear
exploring... learning new things. trying new skills. seeing new places. asking questions. pushing boundaries, even my own. reading about everything.
puddles... splashing in them. watching others splash them. cars splashing. the sound of the horses feet splashing in them.
jewelry... matching it with my wardrobe. finding cool new things. wearing it.
laughing... funny movies. inside jokes. sarcasm. cleverness.
diet coke with limes in it. caffeine-free variety, 'cause i don't like the shakiness.
salmon tacos.
barbacoa salads.
pizza factory breadsticks.
samoas cookies.
girl scout cookie thin mint ice cream. the REAL stuff! NOT the slow-churned variety.
popcorn popped in the stir-crazy popper.
new boxes of cereal.
smell of clean clothes.
hugs from good friends.
starting new projects.
music... playing it. listening to it. writing it. singing it. dancing to it.
getting warm... warm blankets. sticking my feet in the warm oven. standing by a campfire.
writing... my blog. journals. stories. thoughts.
art... drawing. photographing. designing. being messy and imperfect about it.
fresh fruit... strawberries. peaches. pineapple. crisp apples.
prayers... seeing the answers. the miracles. finding understanding.


  1. And I love this...and you...and listening to you play music :)

    I have to tell you, a turning point in my rcovery (or attempt at recovery?) was during one "Sunday night togetherness" - singing my heart out with you at the piano. I wrote in my journal, "For a moment tonight, I remembered what it was like to be happy." Thanks for being you :)

    And thanks for all your kind comments. I truly appreciate your insight. And...I'm definitely going to have to see Shrek the musical. How have I missed out all these years?

  2. Oh, and I also LOVE pizza factory breadsticks, though I cannot eat them without thinking about FNS or lunches with dietitians.

    Funny story - my parents came to visit last summer and I wanted to take them to Pizza Factory. We drove all the way across town to the only pizza factory I knew of, only to get back to my parents hotel by my apartment in Provo and discover there was a Pizza Factory literally in their hotel parking lot. Good to know. Okay, maybe that wasn't really so funny...but it was at the time!

  3. I remember that night... I felt the same thing!!

    As for your funny story... I laughed... that means it was funny enough. :)

  4. I love all those things too! Well, I'm not into horses as much as you but I like them.