Monday, July 25, 2011

Love is beautiful.

A friend posted this link on facebook. I can't quite explain why I loved it so much. I cried lots of happy tears for those people who have wanted to get married and finally can and did.

I just realized I looked at 60 wedding photos of couples I don't know, and I am still upright and thinking (mostly) sensibly.
Apparently, not only do I not have a problem with gay marriage, I love it!
 I might have some little bit of romantic in me after all!


  1. Those pictures touched me too. Happy people and beautiful faces like that are GOOD things.

  2. I also realized that looking at these pictures - every couple seemed to be "themselves". Most wedding pictures, all brides and grooms look pretty much the same: white dress, tux, and they are whatever style is trendy at the moment...

    There's nothing wrong with that... It just triggers the hell out of me to look at the traditional wedding photos.