Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alligator Jaws

I woke up this morning feeling, "Less than."

Less than what?

Lunch with Dann, talking about it, he said,
"You feel 'less than' when you are trying to run from or avoid a problem. Its like the alligator jaws."
The what?
"You know, in math, the greater than/less than signs. The alligator jaws. When you face them... you are greater than. When you are trying to run away from them or hide from them, you are less than."
i < (i'm hiding from the alligator)
i > (i'm facing the alligator, and i'm going to win!)

...He's actually really smart, now, WHAT AM I TRYING TO AVOID? (Just kidding. I know what I'm trying to avoid. You'll all read about it soon enough.)

1 comment:

  1. Fear, Guilt. (Those are your tags.) Clearly you are facing the fear and probably analyzing the aspects of guilt. (Apologies if I am presumptive.)

    I hope that you are able to go through the necessary process for YOU and I look forward to reading the insights you always offer. I know I happen to benefit greatly by what you offer.

    Sending light and support.