Saturday, March 9, 2013

He likes me even more than fishing!

He says he likes me even more than eating a good ham sandwich (made with lots of Miracle Whip and Grandma Sycamore bread).
He says he likes me even more than fishing. (And he likes fishing a lot!)

At first he said he likes me just as much as he likes horses. Some people might be offended by that, but I'm not. He likes horses a lot. Horses are pretty amazing.

Then he came back later and said he was just kidding.
He likes me even more than horses.

We've told each other we love each other for years. I have loved him for a long time, but this just enjoying each others' company... enjoying loving him... enjoying this feeling right now... enjoying being silly and giddy...

It's just awesome.

And just so you all know:
I like him even more than I like horses, and I like horses a lot.


  1. this made me smile :)

  2. I LOVE all of this... Oh my Jen!!!!! I cannot tell you how much this makes me happy and almost giddy for you... Just READING it!!!!
    Is it weird that I cam kind of get myself to understand just how much you care about him... Not by comparing it to "loving" someone.... But I can gauge it because I know just how colossally much you love horses.. And to like BJ MORE than that???
    Big Smiles over here... That's all I can say... Big Smiles

    1. hahahaha. I love you, and I love that you know how colossally much I love horses...