Sunday, October 7, 2018

Moving forward sometimes looks like doing what you’ve always done.

I made the decision to go to the gym this morning. Everything inside wanted to curl up and hide and somehow disappear at the thought of walking back into the gym. I’ve never felt unsafe before. I have head phones in, I get on the elliptical or stretch and then leave. Today felt different. I felt hyper alert. Looking at every person that walked or moved anywhere near me. I had to take my head phones out, so I could pay attention around me. (I could have left them in, but was not hearing anything that was being said on the podcast I was listening to.)

But I walked in. I did my thing. I left.

I didn’t hide. I didn’t shrink. I didn’t cower.

One teeny tiny step forward to convince that little part of me that it’s ok to stand up for yourself, and you won’t get hurt.

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  1. I like this post. Sometimes those little actions matter. Actually, I think it is always those little actions that matter.