Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Always Looking Up

I started reading a new book. Michael J. Fox wrote a narrative on his life with Parkinson's titled, Always Looking Up.

This quote was in the intro:
"For everything this disease has taken, something with greater value has been given--sometimes just a marker that points me in a new direction that I might not otherwise have traveled. So, sure, it may be one step forward and two steps back, but after a time with Parkinson's, I've learned that what is important is making that one step count."
I feel the same way about my dis ease. For everything that was taken, something with greater value has been given. The abuse has helped to make me into the person I am today. It has made me stronger, more valiant, more compassionate. I have been given the opportunity to get to know myself, my heart, my values, my Father in Heaven. I am more spiritual, more creative, more passionate than I could have been had I lived a life free from these pains.

So, although I don't believe that most people understand what they are saying when they say, "Look for the positive," or "Its all in your attitude," I do believe I am capable of being honest about the amazing good that has come (not from but) through horrifically bad.

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  1. That's a great quote and a great principle. Truly amazing things can come from truly horrible things.