Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm outta here!

Spending money has always been hard for me. I like to work to save.

While married, I never had money. Both of my exes didn't make much money. The first one never worked, and the second one always worked for commission only. Living in poverty did not help my issues with money.

Now, I'm on my own. Every penny I make, I get to choose where it goes. I've been saving up a little each month.

A couple weeks ago my siblings were all trying to convince my mom to go to Germany. Her sister is living there until April 30th. She was hemming and hawing a little. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go by herself. I asked how much it would cost, and it turns out it is EXACTLY what I have saved up.

So, I bought the tickets. I'm going to Germany. Spending more than $1000 on myself. Just for fun. I will have no savings after this trip. That scares me a little (okay, a lot!), AND I am SO excited!!

I haven't traveled much. Always too expensive. Its impractical. There are people and causes and things that need that money and that time more than I do. At least that is the way I used to think.

I've always thought I would love traveling. I love people, history, culture, and exploring. It makes sense that I would enjoy going to new places. Now I get to see if I'll like it or not.

This is a new Jen. This Jen lives her passions. This Jen LIVES! For today. And for herself.

Woo Hoo!!!


  1. Woohoo! Independence can be so fulfilling!

    PS I mentioned you in my most recent blog post on Mormonism and Marriage - hope you don't mind. :D

  2. I'm sooo happy for you!! You deserve every penny saved... it's yours to enjoy! Where in Germany are you going?

  3. Wow! You get to go to Germany!! I speak German- Want some German lessons? What part(s) of Germany are you going to? Have some Pomme Frittes at the train station for me, OK? :)

    Happy night!

  4. Jen,

    You deserve it! No really, you will NOT regret having the chance to go to Germany.



  5. Smiling so big right now. You've worked hard in so many aspects of your life. You deserve it and I hope you soak up every minute of it. Yes, there will always be people and causes out there who need help. But think of how much more you can help out if you're feeling fulfilled and recharged in your own life. Helping others doesn't mean sacrificing yourself. You deserve it...YOU deserve it...YOU DESERVE IT!!! Way to find your passions, and live for them! So proud of you.

  6. I'm super excited for you. Robyn and I had such a great experience in Germany. Plus, since you have a place to stay you'll never be able to do it cheaper.

    Also, I'm excited that you've had the breakthrough of being willing to spend some money on yourself. There's a great big world out there and you deserve a chance to see it.

  7. Hi. It's me, Rachel Shirley, from artventure365. I am really excited for you. Ironically, I'm going out of the country for the first time ever this summer. I always thought I'd live outside the US for awhile. But, I got married young, had kids early, yadda yadda yadda. So, cheers to us!

  8. Macha - Of course I don't mind! And I loved what you wrote, so that helps too.

    Fanny - I'm flying in to Frankfurt. And as far as what places I am going once I get there... I don't know. I want to see castles. I want to go for a walk in the villages. There's a holiday festival that I'm going to while I'm there. I might go to Paris... Depends how much it all costs.

    Duck - I know NO German. Unless you count "halt deinen mund" which my mom learned in her high school German class. What things can you teach me??

    Larissa - thanks! Now that the money is spent, I'm SO excited!!

    Amber - That means tons coming from you. You're right too... I have repeatedly found that when I take care of me and live my passions, I have a lot more to give to others.

    Jeff - Thanks for pushing mom to go, so I would go to.

    Rachel - Thanks for coming to visit my blog!! Where are you going?? And yes, Cheers to us!

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!

    I'm SO HAPPY to see that you are LIVING! FOR! YOU!!!!