Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is My Story

It's kind of a stressful week for me. Work requires that I be in an environment that is just HARD for me, but just for a few days a year, so don't feel the least bit sorry for me. This environment has brought it to my attention how wonderful my life really is.

I have created a life with friends, family, animals, work, play, passions, and love that is EXACTLY what I want. It isn't what anyone else would have chosen for me. It isn't what I thought was "right". It is just how I want to live my life. It's amazing!

I have the opening lines to the song, "This is Our Story" (from Shrek the musical) in my head:

"I've waited all my life,
lived it by the book.
Now I know that's not my story.
You, take me as I am.
Love me as I look,
Standing here on all my glory.
I am sweetness, I am bratty. I'm a princess. I'm a fatty.
I'm a mess of contradictions in a dress.
I am sappy. I am sassy. When I'm with you I am happy.
This is my story."

I LOVE this. I've waited all my life, lived it by the book, now I know that's not my story. My story is very different, and it's MINE.

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  1. I don't know if you've figured this out, but that's why I love theater so much! So much of it tells my story and explains who I am even though it's written by someone that never knew me. It stills gives me the chance to make it my own, to tell the story of my soul I've never been brave enough to tell as me, but that I've been burning to let out. I'm glad I could help you find a song that helps you express a part of you. Music is so the best, as are you sister ^_^ I'm glad you've finally taken control of your life enough to have the things you want in it. That's the real secret to happiness it seems like sometimes. You're amazing, the things you've learned throughout your life and the things you've done despite all that's happened to you is SO amazing. I don't really know how to express it in words, but I felt you should know that you amaze me, and I'm proud of you always. You're the best sister ever ^_^