Monday, December 26, 2011

Totally rocking the Christmas presents

I'm writing this on December 20th, because it is KILLING me to not tell anyone what they are getting for Christmas. I hate secrets. I don't like surprises. And when it is something so fun as PRESENTS... But I won't post until after Christmas.

But I've done it. I didn't even tell people when the opportunity was perfect, and usually people would have seen it ALL OVER my face. I'm totally awesome.

Conversation #1. With my sister. She wants gift cards for Christmas. I totally got her gift cards. She was telling me how she really needs clothes, but she's afraid people will be scared to give her a gift card. And she can't really see them trying to pick out clothes for her... I didn't even tell her. I kept a straight face. HA! She'll be so excited!

Conversation #2: I got Dann a volleyball. We were talking on the phone, and he told me he was very tempted to go buy himself a new volleyball. He really wants one. But he's decided to be patient and see if anyone gets him one for Christmas. That MIGHT have been a huge hint, but I had already bought it. At this moment it is still being shipped. FedEx can't seem to find my address. Hopefully it gets here before Christmas.

Conversation #3: For BJ, I got a magnifying glass (for tying flies). I was taking a guess. He'd never said he needed one, but I've watched him tie flies, and I've watched all of the videos on how to tie flies. Everyone in the videos has one, but he doesn't. This morning, he was telling me he really wanted to get himself one. He took a class, and he was amazed at how much it helped in tying his flies. HA! Score for Jen. I also bought him a watercolor technique book.

(Update on December 23):
It is now the day BEFORE Christmas Eve, and I have still not spilled the beans. Mostly. This morning BJ said he was going to run to the craft store to buy watercolors for himself, and then stop at the fly shop so he can get a little magnifying glass.

I told him that he's not allowed to buy anything for himself the day before Christmas Eve. Which means, I pretty much gave away what I was getting him. He might think I am getting him watercolors. He kept asking me questions about what I think he wants to paint next, (a fish, but I wasn't sure what kind of fish he wanted to paint, so I didn't buy him those.)

Still... All things considering... I'm doing amazing.

(Update on December 26):
Dann got TWO volleyballs. There were a couple of us that were listening to him when he said what he wanted. BJ loved his presents. He just kept saying, "It feels so good to have someone who knows me." He's right. It feels amazing. This Christmas was awesome.


  1. I love Christmas. It's always fun to give the perfect gift. I think I may have lost some of the skill I used to have. I rely too much on wishlists.

    1. Wishlists are nice too. Especially because we aren't around each other as much as we used to be. It's easier to listen to someone I live with than to someone that I only see once a week.