Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Chocolate Covered Strawberries Day!

A few days ago, BJ asked me if he was supposed to do something for me for Valentine's Day.

Although I know how much he doesn't like the holiday, and I am also aware of how silly I think the holiday is... I still wasn't quite sure how to respond. So I said the only thing that came to my head.

Oh. Please. Don't!

Sigh of relief from both of us.

I know this is a strange reason to enjoy being with someone... but I appreciate that he can tell me the history of the holiday. I appreciate that he doesn't feel the need to celebrate or have a desire to do so. He doesn't buy chocolates or roses in February. Actually, he would never buy me chocolates or roses, because he knows me well enough to know I wouldn't be a fan. He especially wouldn't buy them this time of year, because they are blasted expensive.

He would bring home a few chocolate covered strawberries, because we both like them. A lot. And they seem to only be available at this time of year. He doesn't expect me to make a big deal of this day, and in fact would not find that amusing... unless I did it sarcastically... then he'd get a kick out of it.

He would plan a wonderful day for me the day after Valentine's Day. (My birthday)
We went to the State Capitol for a rally. (We were on the local news, but you can't really tell it is us... unless you know that I was wearing a bright green hoodie and a black ski cap... and he was wearing his felt brim fishing hat.

We went to Cabela's. We looked at fishing stuff and decorations for the house.

We ate fish tacos at Rubio's.

We went snowshoeing.

We went to dinner at a local cantina. Live music. Salsa Bar. And he invited some of my favorite friends. We all talked and laughed and were silly... AWESOME time together.

I'm feeling loved and happy and grateful for my life.


  1. Robyn and I don't like to do much for Valentine's Day. We figure we can go out to eat on days when it's not so crowded and we can buy flowers when they're less expensive (although Costco has them pretty cheap for Valentine's Day).

    I'm glad you got the exact Valentine's Day you wanted. And I'm glad that your birthday was fun as well.

    1. Your birthday sounded awesome. Todd came through on making sure you had a fun day. So glad you had fun. I also don't do much for Valentines but I did fix a nice steak dinner for us.

    2. :) Yes. Yes he did. And the party on Sunday with all of you was wonderful too.