Friday, May 29, 2009

I just thought it was normal

Today, talking to Bishop Campbell, he told me that he has never felt an answer to prayers like he felt when he walked into my new apartment. Bishop Johnson has said the same thing many times, and so has Paul.

This is the way most of my life has been. (There were times where I felt nothing, but even then, amazing things were happening, I just was too numb to notice.) I just thought everyone felt this way. I thought everyone got answers to prayers and saw amazing miracles like I see.

I thought everyone felt led perfectly in their lives, and just knew what they needed to do. I thought everyone knew what to say to people at certain times, and felt the influence of the spirit over them.

I have had a lot of crap in my life that I thought was normal. It came as a shock when I realized others didn't have to go through all of the stuff I went through. Today, it came as a little bit of a shock when I realized how amazingly blessed I am. Others don't have the same amazing experiences I have. Others don't get to feel this close to their Heavenly Father. Others don't know Him and His ways like I do. (That sounds a little arrogant, but I mean it as an amazing blessing.)

I guess the Lord knew I would need extra special care, and He has given it. I am truly blessed in ways that aren't normal - I am incredibly grateful. I guess I don't want to be normal after all.

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  1. That is such an amazing spiritual gift. The Lord knows your needs and he loves you so much. He has watched you through everything you've faced.

    I love the list of gifts is D&C 46:9-26. It's amazing that everyone has different gifts and yet, they have the gifts that they personally need in order to learn what they need to learn.

    It truly is a miracle, and I'm glad that your life is filled with miracles from our Heavenly Father.