Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Walk Away - Melissa Johnson Jensen

I wrote Melissa a letter telling her how much I have learned from her. She wrote back with a very sweet letter, and the lyrics to this song (that she wrote - she has an amazing talent!).

Title: Don’t Walk Away

Your mirror broke.
Your dreams shattered around.
All your plans fell,
lost to the ground.

Oh, please don’t give up.
And oh, please understand.
The light will conquer all.
So, please don’t walk away.

Your head hangs low.
Your heart is covered in fear.
But look at His tears.
He is waiting for your call.


The pieces are found
Above in the stars.
Point your eyes up and see
the promise in the sky.

The mountain is high.
Your spirit is low.
The current is quick.
And your hope drifts away.
You’re sinking too deep.
Please take His hand.

2nd Chorus
Oh, I won’t give up.
And oh, I understand.
The light conquers all.

Don’t walk away.

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  1. That's really cool that she shared that song with you. I don't have any talent in that area so I appreciate those who do.