Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waking the tiger - Healing Trauma

I just got a new book. I bought it because the author in Tao of Equus quoted this book, and I thought maybe I could learn things from it. These quotes stuck out to me today.
P. 19 Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the "triggering" event itself. they stem from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged; this residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits. the long-term, alarming, debilitating, and often bizarre symptoms of PTSD develop when we cannot complete the process of moving in, through and out of the immobility state.
A threatened human (or impala) must discharge all the energy mobilized to negotiate that threat or it will become a victim of trauma. This residual energy does not simply go away. It persists in the body, and often forces the formation of a wide variety of symptoms. these symptoms are the organism's way of containing or corralling) the undischarged residual energy.
Animals in the wild instinctively discharge all their compressed energy and seldom develop adverse symptoms. We humans are not as adept in this arena. When we are unable to liberate these powerful forces, we become victims of trauma.
Fortunately, the same immense energies that create the symptoms of trauma, when properly engaged and mobilized, can transform the trauma and propel us into new heights of healing, mastery, and even wisdom.

Its strange to think of the PTSD symptoms as just energy stored... but that makes sense. It would explain the strange-seizure-like flashbacks that I have. That would just be my body trying to shake it off. I also believe that the very things I have run from all of this time will be my greatest strengths one day. I have gained a lot of wisdom on this journey thus far...
p. 36 "Held within the symptoms of trauma are the very energies, potentials, and resources necessary fro their constructive transformation. The creative healing process can be blocked in a number of ways -- by using drugs to suppress symptoms, by overemphasizing adjustment or control, or by denial or invalidation of feelings and sensations."
That is exactly what has held me back. It was when I gave up trying to control it or suppress it, or to look normal that I feel like I finally began healing. I would also add the eating disorder and other addictions as a way to block the creative healing process. Although, I think sometimes exercise has served as a way to dispel the energy and has helped me to heal.

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  1. I'm glad your finding ways to help understand the healing process. It's a slow journey but you'll make it in the end.