Saturday, June 19, 2010

A perfect day!

Left at 9 am.
Rode hard (mostly uphill, running when there was flat ground) for three hours.
Ate lunch sitting in the middle of a water fall. (Maybe you could even call it TWO water falls, but the second will be completely gone in a few more weeks when there isn't as much melting snow.)
Rode hard (ALL uphill, rocky) for a couple more hours.
BJ was in front. Went through a patch of deep snow. I thought he was going to break a leg. (If it had been solid ground and not snow, Bo would have crushed BJ's leg.) He got through it.
I chose to walk Sunny through that snow patch. MAN am I grateful for that horse. Thought I was going to die walking up just that little bit.
BJ and Bo slid down the mountain... He was worried he was going to be stuck at the bottom forever. Both Bo and BJ got up and out, and both were exhausted after the climb.
Sunny and I had to work together on some very rough terrain. I had to trust him. He had to trust me. Best feeling ever! I love that horse!
"Caramel Cob" is a very handy and delicious treat while on the trail. (You don't even have to touch it to eat it. Which was especially nice for BJ, since Bo peed on the lead rope.)
The wind was strong enough to pick up my hat and blow it several feet. BJ saved it from going over the edge of the cliff. Thanks BJ!
We ran. And ran. And ran.
Sunny decided rather than to slow down to go around rocks and branches, or to just walk through a stream, he'd jump OVER them. Exhilarating!
In one jump, I flew out of the saddle. I still don't know how I stayed on the horse. I would love to say it was because I am a great rider, but I know better. Angels were watching over me...
It took us five hours to get up, and two to get down... What a rush!

While on the horses, I was not concerned about the past or the future. I felt peaceful. "However it works out, it will work out." And I really meant it. There will be sadness and/or hard emotions to go through no matter what happens, and I'll go through them. Completely at peace with where my life is and where it is going.

I was totally "in the moment". I noticed so many little details I never would have seen before. Individual leaves and branches and rocks. Lizards, snakes, chipmunks all seemed so amazing and fascinating. Even my sandwich tasted better than a sandwich has ever tasted.

Ended the day so tired, I couldn't think straight... and that's okay, I didn't need to think anymore. I went to sleep. And actually slept!


  1. I don't know how you do it! I'm so glad you found horseback riding though! And thank you to the angels for keeping you from flying off the horse!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. You have some good adventures on horseback.