Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farewell Kloey Dog

Car rides,
Wrestling with Justin,
"Kloey, Look!",
greeting Jeff after his mission,
the friendly greetings at the door every time I came over - even after you could barely walk,
for kissing Dann,
for cleaning up all the messes and spills,
for taking care of all of the extra napkins,
for staying home alone with me when everyone else went on vacation,
for all the tricks - sit, beg, shake, dance, wait, and even roll over,
and for keeping Mommy company all day and all night.

Most of all, thank you for picking this moment to leave. If you had gone any earlier, I would have felt so estranged from my family... I might have missed out on loving them through their loss.

I know God has answered prayers through you.
Love you puppy!


  1. God does seem to have quite a sense for timing. It's hard now, but it really was good timing. Everyone got to see her and say good-bye. And we could all be there for each other. Thanks for loving her too!

  2. I miss her too. She really was part of the family.