Sunday, July 24, 2011


I spent yesterday with my aunt. She wanted to talk about her upcoming divorce. It's her second. She hasn't filed yet, but she's pretty sure that's what she wants and needs to do. We just talked.

It felt so refreshing that I could have a good, honest, open conversation. I shared my thoughts when she asked for them. She asked a lot of questions about my recent divorce, and I didn't hold back anything.

It felt so good to be me. Fully present with her and her pain. No judgment or advice or guilt. It is hard to describe the freedom of just being. I could hurt with her. I felt angry with her. I felt hopeful with her.

I don't know HER experience of me, but I know I loved my experience with her. (And this was what happened after feeling so afraid of going to my grandparents' house. SO glad I went!)

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  1. that sounds like the best of conversations. Glad you could have it.