Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt Romney says I'm just envious... How can I argue with that?

Saw this video this morning... I don't get involved in politics a lot... mostly because I think that anyone who wants to be president, and has the money and influence to do so is completely out of touch with reality. We have created a system where the elite run the country. Even those that think they are in touch with the "lower class"... aren't. They can't be.

But this video, and the way he talks, and the things he says... GRRR!

There's so much wrong with what he is saying, I'm not even sure where to begin...

Yep. I'm envious. It has been HARD to work as much as I have, as hard as I have, and still have very little to show for it. I'm envious of the fact that if something happens, I have no medical insurance, and I'm just out of luck. I made the decision to work for a small company that can't provide insurance, and I suppose you could say it's my choice... but I'm jealous of those that don't even have to THiNK about such choices.

I don't want HIS money, or to take his lifestyle... It would just be nice if I didn't have to worry about things because I had enough. (And I also recognize, I am incredibly wealthy compared to the rest of the world, and even the country. I rent a room that includes a roof over my head in a beautiful community. I drive a car, granted it IS held together by duct tape, but it runs. I eat when I'm hungry, and I can talk on my cell phone.  All things that not everyone has.)

So, Mitt... if you want to dismiss my experience by saying, "It's just envy," you can do that. But I won't. I want change. So, I won't just talk about it in "quiet" or in "private places" where no change can happen. I will shout. Loudly if I have to, because that is how change happens...

And I promise, because you think and say things like this, I won't be voting for you. This is not the first time I have seen you be dismissive, invalidating, and well... downright silly. (When you are trying to get people to vote for you, that is not a good time to tell THEM how they should listen to you... you want to represent THEM, but have them shut up and listen to your yammering. Does that make sense in YOUR head??)


  1. I think most people are like you. They just want to get by without having to constantly worry about it.

  2. I like your tag of "sometimes I can be slightly sarcastic", but I really like your VOICE in this and am right there with you.

  3. Paul - agreed. And when Mitt Romney dismisses all of us, it upsets me.

    N - Thanks! <3