Thursday, February 2, 2012

2011 Brodie Awards

I've been nominated.
My thoughts on being nominated:
1. That is so cool that someone out there likes what I wrote. (or in one case, likes the title of what I wrote).
2. Oh dear. What will my LDS family think if they knew I was nominated for a Brodie award... Would they be disappointed? Would they be proud?
3. I want to win. But I shouldn't want to win, so I don't want anyone to know I want to win.
4. Jen, stop thinking and go do something fun.

I'm actually in three categories.

Best "Mormon Life Journey" Post (Friends)
Best Post Title (I hate labels, but how else do I explain it?)
Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction (To My Family: Thank you for making me so wrong)
I admit I am very partial to the one about my family. I want everyone to read it. I want every single person who has loved ones leave the church to make it as much of a non-issue as my family has.

For those interested, here's where you can vote: Poll: 2011 Brodies. (And in the words of a friend, "I don't expect a vote if you find that a competing article was more to your liking," but I do like votes, so...)


  1. So excited fr you, Jen! Your words are always compelling, well written, and resonating. You deserve a Brodie!

  2. Way to go, Jen. You totally deserve it.

    I was nominated too, but I could care less if I win ... NOT!! lol

  3. Thank you both! And Donna, so glad you understand! :)

  4. That is so exciting! I am totally going to vote for you. I love your thoughts and insights and think that you totally deserve the recognition.

  5. How have I missed this blog? I found you because you posted a comment on my blog, which then disappeared. Weird. So glad you did... I have some new reading material! And good luck with the Brodies!

  6. Your number 4 is where I would suggest you stay! :) How wonderful that you've been nominated.

    You have inspired me and I'm sure many others. Your words aren't just words. They are a portal for others who have experienced something similar to those who maybe haven't; have a space; a place; a window to a world that otherwise might not be there for them.

    I like the words of your friend and hope that YOU know that the votes from me are all because I feel the connect and have much admiration for your journey. Keep at it. Keep being you and doing in the vein that is your truth.

    Cheers and YEAH!!!! :)

  7. Dann - Thanks!!
    Myrtle - I found your blog through Mormon Stories... and maybe my comment disappeared into the spam box. (I just found a bunch of comments there, including yours...)

    N - :) Thank you. Feeling tender. <3

    AND GUESS WHAT?!? I WON! The one about my family won. That's the one I loved the most. It meant the most to me. I like getting recognition for something that I did that I also love.