Friday, August 30, 2013

Lake Country Ride - photo dump

I don't have time to write much lately. Not even in my private journal blog.

But... here's a few pictures from our ride yesterday. We rode in to Island Lake to go fishing. We didn't catch a dang thing, but it was beautiful. I love horses.

I know the colors of this tree mean it is probably dying, but it is really pretty while it dies... and even after it is dead... Does that mean there's something wrong with me?

It was a tough ride for the horses. They are not fans of big, slippery rocks like these.

Not sure which lake this was. Let's say it was Duck Lake?? One of the neatest things about this trail is passing ten lakes in five miles, plus the other lakes I saw in the distance.

You can't go fly fishing with a hat and boots on. (Funny that I have a picture of the hat and boots, but not of me standing on the shore in my socks...)

Sometimes I see my shadow, and I think, 'THAT girl looks like she belongs on a horse.' and then I realize, 'THAT girl is me!'
As we approached this bridge, I asked BJ, "If I can convince Sunny to go across this, will you take our picture?" I wasn't so sure I could do it... even with BJ walking Bo across first. If I'd gotten off and lead him with a rope, it would have been no problem.
We're talking about what I want him to do. At this point, I'm pretty sure he is saying, "Not gonna happen!"
HA! We did it!!!

Piece of cake. And I'm still super duper proud about it.

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