Monday, February 16, 2009

Stupid Things People Say

My friend, Katie, and I have talked about writing this list down for a long time, but I never have. I am afraid I have forgotten some of the best ones... If you don't understand why something is on the list, then we need to talk. Comment, or email me, or call me. Please!
  • How could it be rape, you were married?
  • If you just had more faith, you wouldn't be going through all of these hard things.
  • Fast and pray, and you will be cured. (From an eating disorder?? Are you kidding me??)
  • You don't look too sick. Are you sure you have an eating disorder?
  • Feeling depressed? You just need to give more service. Give more to others, and you will feel better.
  • Just eat.
  • Are you sure you want to eat THAT? It has a lot of... (fill in the blanks: fat, calories, sugars, whatever.)
  • You are such a good person - taking the stairs.
  • (and closely related) Why are YOU on the elevator? You look healthy enough.
  • One flight! You took the elevator for one flight!?! (yes. I was dizzy. I didn't feel like taking the stairs. Get over it!)
  • You sure spend a lot of money on food. Really, your food budget should be next to nothing.
  • To Amanda: If you just lose weight, then you will feel better about yourself, and then no more eating disorder! (From a dr!!)
  • To Katie: Just take out your earrings, and you will be cured!
  • If you're in pain, just take pain killers.
  • You just need to pray and read the scriptures.
  • If you were more righteous, you wouldn't be struggling with all of this... (Right, have YOU read the scriptures EVER?)
  • If you just.... (Fill in the blank with anything. Anyone who says you need to just do ANY one thing doesn't have a clue, turn and run!)
  • You have no physical scarring - this is all emotional. If you wanted to get over it, you would have done it by now.
  • Its not that hard...
  • You just need to forgive them.
  • You think food will make you feel better? (I was dizzy... YES!)


  1. People say really stupid things. I think sometimes people are just so trapped inside themselves that they can't understand someone else's needs or problems well enough to say something intelligent.

    I know I've been guilty of it in the past. I've found a magic key that worked in my life and I want to share that magic key with everyone else. Unfortunately, my situation is very unique, therefore my magic key is very unique.

    When people say stupid things to me, I just try to recognize their good intentions, even if they are so clueless that their advice is stupid.

    I mean if you would just do that everything would be just fine. (J/K, if you don't think that last line was humorous I authorize you to disregard it.)

  2. Is it bad that I laughed at the stupidity of some these things?