Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holy Guilt Batman!

I always assumed that when others talk about guilt, they feel... what I feel. It seems I was wrong.

When I talk about guilt, I mean CRUSHING, I'd rather die than feel this, I CAN'T MOVE, THINK, or FEEL anything else but GUILT, it rules my life, all consuming...

The thought I had tonight? No wonder I have tried to get rid of every possible "extra" ounce of body weight... I am carrying a ton of bricks around with me EVERYWHERE... and its exhausting. Shed a few? That will be just a little bit of weight that I won't have to carry...

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  1. John Bytheway has a talk called "What's in your backpack". He tells a story about when he was a scout, they went on a hike and there was one kid who had a really hard time making it up. Then when they got there he unloaded his backpack and he had brought everything imaginable. The others then understood why it was so much harder for this one scout.

    He then relates that to our lives. He says that sometimes we carry too much around when we should hand it over to the Savior for him to carry.

    I thought it was a great talk and a great analogy.