Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angry Song

One of my favorite things is playing the piano while others sing. One of my brother, Justin's, favorite things is to sing. I spend many Sundays at my parents' house for dinner, and I usually play the piano while Justin sings.

Here is my angry song.
Justin's voice. The pounding on the piano. The lyrics.
When I'm angry, there is just no better therapy than this.

Lyrics: The Facade from Jekyll and Hyde
There's a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It's society's mask,
It's society's way,
And the truth is
That it's all a facade!

There's a face that we hide Till the nighttime appears,
And what's hiding inside, Behind all of our fears,
Is our true self,
Locked inside the facade!

Every day
People, in their own sweet way,
Like to add a coat of paint,
And be what they ain't!

That's how our little - Game is played,
Livin' like a masquerade
Actin' a bizarre charade -
While playing the saint!

But there's one thing I know,
And I know it for sure:
This disease that we've got
Has got no ready cure!
And I'm certain
Life is terribly hard -
When your life's a facade!

Look around you!
I have found You cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface,
What is lurkin' there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit !

So, what is the sinister secret?
The lie he will tell you is true? -
It's that each man you meet
In the street
Isn't one man but two!

Nearly everyone you see -
Like him an' her, An' you, an' me - Pretends to be
A pillar of society - A model for propriety - Sobriety
An' piety - Who shudders at the thought Of notoriety!

The ladies an' gents 'ere before you -
Which none of 'em ever admits -
May 'ave saintly looks -
But they're sinners an' crooks!

Hypocrites! Hypocrites!

There are preachers who kill!
There are killers who preach!
There are teachers who lie!
There are liars who teach!
Take yer pick, dear -
"Cause it's all a facade!

If we're not one, but two,
Are we evil or good?
Do we walk the fine line -
That we'd cross if we could?
Are we waiting -
To break through the facade?

One or two
Might look kinda well-to-do -
Hah! They're bad as me an' you,
Right down to they're boots!

I'm inclined to think -
Half mankind
Thinks the other half is blind!
Wouldn't be surprise to find -
They're all in cahoots!

At the end of the day,
They don't mean what they say,
They don't say what they mean,
They don't ever come clean -
And the answer -
Is it's all a facade!
Is it's all a facade!
Man is not one, but two,
He is evil and good,
An' he walks the fine line
We'd all cross if we could!

It's a nightmare -
We can never discard -
So we stay on our guard -
Though we love the facade -
What's behind the facade?
Look behind the facade!
Doesn't he have an awesome voice?? I'm such a proud sister.


  1. That's awesome, anda good song choice.

  2. Your song was very intense, Jen. You and your brother are great musicians! You have the hands of a pianist and violinist. Beautiful, long, slender, and strong.

    I liked your smile at the end of the tape. THAT was adorable.

    Happy night, you future rock star of America! :)

  3. I think I was there for the taping of that. I remember you taping that song a while back, but it's possible this was a different taping.

    I like the message behind that song. It reminds me of a tape I listened to back in the day. I don't remember who it was by, but it talked about how every person has two versions of themselves. They have the real them and the person that the world sees. It talked about how the greater the distance between the two yous, the less happiness you have.

    You and Justin did a good job. I did a good job being quiet for the whole taping, that was the difficult part for me. :)

  4. Just found your blog and read some of your posts.
    I very much liked Jeff's comment that the distance between is proportional to our "happiness".

    So there are two, and in many ways the Facade is a kindness to others. How awful would it be if we actually could see every random temptation in another life? At one level living absolutely "authentically" is utterly selfish.

    I have always told my wife that all men are pigs and the best any woman could hope for was a well behaved pig. That is what I try to be - for both of us.

  5. POWERFUL!!!
    You make an incredibly powerful duo!