Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peaceful Life

Last year, a goat randomly showed up in the pasture where the horses were. I had no idea goats could be so much fun. She was SO excited to see me every time I came to feed the horses. She greeted me with jumping and dancing and running. I would run and play with her.

I played like a little kid in a way that I hadn't experienced before or since.
One day, her owner came and got her and no more goat. :(

Ever since then, I have wanted one of my own.
A few days ago, I brought home Hardy the Goat.

He's five weeks old. Still being bottle fed. And SO much fun.
Because he's still a baby he likes to cuddle. Which isn't something I was expecting. 

 My yard is entirely fenced in, but he is so little that he can fit through the fence. I have a little escape artist. Thus far, he escapes to come sit on the porch.
 I'm quickly becoming a hobby farmer.
A horse.
A goat.
A cat.
And me.

I used to be so afraid of what people would think of me. I used to be so afraid of feeling happy.

It feels good to just enjoy life. I'm sitting outside in the sun. Horses are laying in the sun. My baby goat is exploring close by. My cat is curled up next to me. Watching the seagulls dig up all the freshly planted seeds in the neighbors fields. Life is just... peaceful. I had no idea it could be so good.