Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm all famous and stuff!

Ok. Famous is totally pushing it. But I did just post my first ever post on a blog that is not mine.
Go check it out!


  1. Jen,

    FYI - Your link didn't work for me, I got a "page not found" error.

    but when I clicked on the link on that page, I saw your post on the homepage.

  2. Dear Jen,

    I found the link and read your post. In my opinion, you grew up in a culture where (as I should know well, having served its purposes for many years) abuse directed against women in general (who should ALWAYS be subservient to the "priesthood bearer," even if he's a serial abuser), and feminists, gays, lesbians, etc., in particular (who, of course, have NO PLACE in this MALE HETEROSEXIST-DOMINATED kingdom) is endemic. But, to be honest, I rejected this culture approx 4 decades ago by never, ever again going to their services or admitting their home teachers or missionaries into my home. Only in the last decade did I summon up the courage to declare my independence from them by submitting my written resignation from their hateful church (my opinion of "hatefulness" being based on the teachings of so many of the Mormon GA during the last few decades, who nearly all echo the homophobic and male chauvinist leanings of such "leaders" as Boyd Packer). I hope you can break free of these bonds (for bonds they indeed are) much sooner than I did. You deserve to be free from such cultural/religious bondage!

    (Incidentally, you posted another gorgeous photo of you & Sunny on that other blog, with a snow-clad mountain in the background on the right side. Timpanogos? But, please consider this: those pictures show YOU for who you really are: one who (I believe) loves natural beauty and landscapes and wildflowers and horses and so much more.

    Please keep showing the pictures that reveal YOU for who and what you love so much!

  3. Boris,
    Yes. I was trying not to mention the church specifically, but that is exactly the culture I was talking about.

    I experienced what it was like to be a woman in that culture, but since I have many male friends I also see that men are hurt as well. They teach men what they "should" be... and I've seen that some of those ideas are deeper than even the teachings about women.

    Most of the time, I am glad that the people I love have found a place where they can feel peace and happines (the church). But if I read the words of BKP or some of the others talks, I get really upset and want to FIGHT the whole system.

    The place I feel the most peace is being here for those that were like me and want out, but not trying to change the whole system.

    And thanks! I can't remember where that picture was taken. Most of my rides have been somewhere in Utah County, so there's a good chance that mountain was timp.

    Did you see the picture of the horses and the rainbow? I pretty much love that one!