Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book of Mormon Musical: dinner conversations

After seeing Book of Mormon Musical, I had all these thoughts I was going to write about, but something strange happened:

I told my mom I was going to go see it. I didn't think she would think that was cool, but for my own sanity, I felt like I needed to tell her. (When I start keeping things secret because I'm afraid of what other people will think about me, I start to go crazy. It doesn't really matter what the secret is... just having a "secret" makes me lose my mind.)

I was at dinner with my parents and siblings, and my mom turned to me and said, "Are you going to tell everyone about your trip this week?"

I got all nervous, and asked her if it was really okay if I tell people.
She laughed at me, which was a totally appropriate response, and then I had a conversation about why I like the Book of Mormon Musical with my whole family. I talked about why I went, and why I loved it. I also talked about what I didn't like. And my dad and brothers talked about what they liked and didn't like (at least as much as they'd heard).

I never thought that conversation could happen, because... well... I thought they wouldn't want to hear about it. It's cool that we can all talk about the things we care about - even though the things we each care about seem to contradict each other.

It's like the things don't matter, but the people do.

So... now I don't really feel like trying to write any more blogs about the musical. Maybe later. (I really do want to write about what each of the songs meant to me, because the music was really healing for me...)


  1. Where did you see it? I want to go soooooo bad!

    1. LA. At the Pantages Theater. And it was AWESOME!

  2. "It's like the things don't matter, but the people do."
    If only more people understood that the world would be a happier place.