Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My #IceBucketChallenge without the Ice Bucket

I was challenged to the ice bucket challenge. I was also challenged to donate to my favorite charity, rather than dump ice on my head. That works great for me... Except that I don't have a favorite charity. I have many causes that mean a lot to me.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. I have a friend, who I have known most of my life, but have really only kept in contact with through Facebook. Her daughter, Darci, has Type One Diabetes and has to deal with so much. I would love to find a cure for her and all of the kids that have to deal with this. (Also, my roommate in college had Type One Diabetes. She is now an adult, but I imagine a cure for Type One would help her too.

Glycogen Storage Disease. My cousin has two children with this disease. I know a little of what they have had to deal with, but not enough to really understand. Learn about it here. (I couldn't find a place to donate to... My cousin gave me a link that didn't work. I will update this as soon as I have one that works.

Scleroderma I'd never heard of this auto-immune disease until a few months ago. It's effecting the life of one of my favorite people, and it scares me to think there is nothing that will cure her right now.

ALS Association BJ has a cousin with ALS, and his aunt died from ALS. Also, I watched the video of the young man talking about how seeing people dump ice on their heads made him feel less alone...

Diabetes My brother, my parents, my grandparents, my friend Ron, and many other people I love have (or had, Ron and my Grandfather passed away in 2006) diabetes. Awareness and research to find a cure is pretty important to me.

After Silence, a message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors. This message board was a life saver. I found people that understood what I was going through. I found others that were hurting and struggling, and I felt less alone.

RAINN This organization does research and has supports for those who were raped and sexually abused. Rape and sexual abuse is a huge problem that needs more attention.

The Wounded Warrior Project I ache at the thought of soldiers coming home who have no resources to deal with the emotional and physical traumas they have been endured.

Project Healing Waters This is a cause I have actively participated in. We take disabled veterans fly fishing, or they have fly tying classes.

So... I donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
I also donated to RAINN
And to Stop Diabetes
And finally to Scleroderma
I will continue to participate in the boards at After Silence and to volunteer with Project Healing Waters. And, I wanted you all to be aware of the other causes that mean something to me.

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