Sunday, October 4, 2009

Safe Harbors - Michael Mclean

The words to this song came to me last night. I was very angry at some very insensitive people. I kept thinking about Elizabeth Smart... Her case is getting a lot of publicity, but then I thought about all of the others who are not getting that. I think about all of the people who are going through hell, but hide it and carry on.
I think this song is so powerful... and I wish more people would really listen...
Safe Harbors
There are refugees among us who are not from foreign shores.
The battles they've been waging are from very private wars.
There are no correspondents documenting all their grief.
But these refugees among us are all yearning for relief.

There are refugees among us.
They don't carry flags or signs.
They are standing right beside us in the market check out lines.
And the war that they've been fighting - it will not be televised.
But the story of their need for love is written in their eyes.

Can you see through their disguises?
Can you hear what words won't tell?
Some are losing faith in heaven, cause their lives a living hell.
Is there anyone else to help those who have no one else to plea?
For the only arms protecting them belong to you and me.

This is a call to arms
To reach out and to hold. the evacuees from the dark.
This is a call to arms.
To lead anguished souls to safe harbors of the heart.
Can you feel the pleas of the refugees for safe harbors of the heart?
I am grateful for friends who saw through my disguises. I am grateful for friends who listened beyond my words and my smile. I am grateful for those who have showed me heaven... I am grateful for those who have blessed my life and given me someplace safe.

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  1. That's a good song and a good message. It's too easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and our own problems. We need to be more aware of the refugees all around us who need our help and our love.

  2. Those refugees are among us and their needs are as important as food & shelter. love the lyrics, love the message, love to reach out whenever/wherever I can. thanks for sharing and I have no doubt a horse can save a life too.