Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its just not happening

I had planned to spend the day blogging... or reading... or doing something helpful...

I just don't feel like it. There is a lot I wish I had already written about:
objectification of women/pornography
people in the church have perpetuated the belief that I am worthless because I am a woman, but its not really their fault... its the world we live in...
getting angry
the ride yesterday

But again, I just don't feel like it... I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts well enough to write anything down. Every time I sit down... all that is there is eating disorder...I know there is so much more than that. I KNOW it! So, why is this SHIT (literally) consuming my brain?

I want to make a difference in the world. I want to inspire others. I want to make people laugh and smile. I want people to know that just because they have been through hell, they don't have to stay there. I want to share the miraculous.

Instead, I am thinking about the evils of cookies and DDR and silly stuff like that...


  1. My Lovely Jen,
    I wish that I had some kind of magical miraculous way to get you to see all the wonderfullness that is the "Jen Package"...
    But all I can think to do in this moment is combat each negative belief you shared... so..
    1. You already have made a difference in the world. You have a family and husband who you love and love you. You have friends ALL over this country who dial your digits to get just a taste of your wisdom.
    2. You have inspired me ever since the day that I had the honor of hearing your auto... then again when we did Scribble Therapy... then again when you demolished a couch cushion... and again and again and again...
    3. Laugh.. Smile.. Hello? it seems to be the majority of what we do each time we interact.
    4. Your blog, your wisdom, your friendship... Hell, your existence proves that people can make it past all the crap.
    5. You are miraculous. Period.

    End of story..
    Jen's Negative Nancy residing in her brain,


  2. I haven't been through all you've been through and I have days where my brain feels stuffy and there's just nothing good coming out of it. Those days are no fun.