Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In all seriousness...

The guilt. If you can't laugh at it, then really? What's the point?

I am suddenly aware of a lot of people trying to MAKE me feel guilty. Like TV and radio commercials:

"For just a few dollars a month you can make the life of an animal better. If you don’t send us this money, these animals will die because of YOU. All you had to do was write us a check and this animal would have lived."

"For only a few dollars more a month, you can feed a hungry child, educate it, and make its future bright. By not rushing us this money, YOU are personally responsible for the wide spread illiteracy and hunger across the globe."

"And since you didn’t buy pink ribbon items (or post your bra color to build awareness) you are most certainly hellbound."

You couldn’t buy a DARE shirt to keep kids off drugs? Shame on you, selfish bastard!

(Why is it that I think this is so darn funny? And why doesn't anyone else??)

1 comment:

  1. Ya, I think so much of advertising tries to appeal to that emotion of guilt. It is kind of funny, the way they use that tactic. It's also kind of maddening. I support laughing, it's a good strategy.