Thursday, February 10, 2011

The King's Speech

I saw the movie The King's Speech yesterday. Loved it.

Warning: I'm about to spoil the whole movie for you!

The story is about King George VI. He had a stammer. He had been to every speech therapist his wife could find. He finally finds himself at the office of Lionel Louge. Lionel says he can help the (still just a) Prince, but he has to do exactly as Lionel says.

They go through exercises, but Lionel is constantly pushing Bertie to talk about his childhood We find out that Bertie had a very mean nanny. She starved him. It took the family three years to discover the problem.

Lionel tells the story of how he got started. He was an English teacher and a sub-par actor at the end of World War I. Soldiers were coming home from the war unable to speak. He decided he could help them. He tells of a group of people who used their voices to cry out for help, and no one heard them, and they lost their voice. His solution, his cure was just to listen to their fears and their pains. Their voices returned.

I never lost my ability to speak, but my voice got lost. And I found some amazing friends that heard me. They listened to ME. Beyond all of the noise. And the traditional advice. And... they heard me. And through their help, I now have a voice... and not a quiet one.


  1. Great post! Now I MUST see this movie. It sounds like it has an excellent message. Plus, I have heard the film is outstanding.(When I first read the title of your post, I was NOT even thinking of the movie- instead, I thought you were referencing your recent conversation with "pa"- I am such a ditz sometimes!)

    Yes, you DO have a voice. And, a VERY important one. And, a loud one. One that needs and deserves to be heard. At ALL times!

    Hope all is well. :)

    Thank you for understanding my gibberish comment from late last night- sheesh! LOL

    Love and respect, always.

  2. I loved the film too. I like your analogy about finding your voice. When I saw it I admired how Bertie was unimpressed by royalty -- like I am now by religious titles. Great movie, and post!

  3. I love that you have found your voice. I love hearing it, I love hearing you. . . you have a lot to say with your powerful voice, and I'm honored that you invite me in to hear it. Thank you.

  4. author - I still haven't written about talking to my fam... I guess I just want to hold on to the coolness as my own for a while. I will though...

    Donna - that is a good point. He wouldn't have been helpful at all if he had been caught up in the fact that he was a prince... I like the world much better when I see us all as just people.

    Amanda - Thank you! I love you. And right back at ya!