Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Favorite Posts of 2012

My brother did a post (on his blog) with a list of his most popular blogs for 2012. It made me jealous. I wanted a list of my most popular blogs from 2012.

So, to satisfy my jealousy, AND for your reading pleasure:

1. A jumble of quotes and wisdoms for the day
Pretty sure this was just because of the images, but maybe because of the quotes too. Who knows? 

2. Heavenly Codependency
Not my favorite post, but it was very raw. I guess that's good...

3. Thoughts on Creativity... and marriage
Pretty sure people ended up here, because they wanted to know if Liz and Felipe were still married. I didn't answer that question, but I did talk about how it's our expectations of marriage that make it hard. Marriage itself isn't hard work, but when we expect marriage to meet all of our needs, it gets hard. I quoted Jeff when he wrote something similar just a few weeks ago.

4. Trying to convince a horse to drag a tree... not as easy as it looks
I don't talk about horses enough. Or maybe people just like to read about when a horse steps on me.

5. Saddled: Defining Recovery
Recovery is about becoming whole. Whole people experience emotions (weird, I know).

6. These two tied:
Love, the church PR dept. (an angry rant)
Angry rants get a lot of attention...

How I came to support marriage equality... again.

7. Living IS the point
This is one of MY favorite posts... It even won an award once... so it surprised me that it was this far down on the list.

8. Relatives say the darndest things
It surprised me that this got as many views as it did... It is kinda funny... but... anyway... It's amazing how much more fun life is when I'm not afraid to just be me.

9. These two tied too:
I miss knowing I could heal the world
Mourning the loss of control I once felt (with fasting) and I also realized how much fasting for religious reasons played into my eating disorder.
Friendship after Divorce
This is a good one. I want more people to read it.

10. What would it look like if you weren't hiding?
I'm glad people saw this one. It was a big turning point in my life. I'm a lot happier and a lot less stressed. (And we're still holding hands whenever we want to. It's awesome!)

And my least viewed post?
My Magnificently Boring Life. It was adequately named, I guess, because who wants to read about my boring life? Except that my boring life was TOTALLY the goal, and it's MAGNIFICENT. 

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