Monday, June 25, 2012

If I ever get lost in the mountains, I want a horse with me.

Yesterday, I went on an awesome trail ride. I'd never been riding around Mirror Lake (Uintah Mountains) before. It was beautiful.

The stream that I went fishing in.
Sunny was amazing. He was so willing. The trail was rugged: a lot of deadfall, rocks, steep climbs, etc. We encountered several obstacles that were impossible to go over. Off the trail, there were even more obstacles, so we had to work together to get anywhere. It was just cool. He'd see the tree over the trail, stop, put his ears back (to listen to me), and wait. I looked around for the most clear path, and then I'd ask that he go that way. Most of the time, I had the best view and found the way through, but there were a couple of times that he let me know he could see a better way. The way we worked together was awesome.

I stopped to do some fishing in the stream and realized it could be very easy to get lost there.Ten feet away from the trail, and I couldn't see it. (I could see Sunny standing there, waiting for me to come back.) There were several times, I felt like if I didn't have the trail, I wouldn't know which way was which. It amazed me that Sunny always knew which way would take us back to the trailer.

When the trail started to loop around, I knew the INSTANT that the shortest path back to the trailer was to go forward. He picked up the pace quite a bit. He'd never been on this trail, but he knew.

I've seen horses get lost, because they know which way they want to go, but can't find their way around obstacles (canyons, rivers, fences). Combine his amazing sense of direction and his willingness with my ability to plan ahead and reason, and I think we make a great pair.

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