Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hi. (Just a quick update for the people that care, but not for the ones that don't.)

So, here's the thing: Life's too busy good to be a good blogger right now...

I want to write about all these, but if I never get to them, here's a list of things I love at this moment:
Fiddling and Picking contest

Fly fishing from a float tube. (Except that I didn't land the damn fish. Pulled me all over the reservoir, and then broke off. Lame.)

Working with wild horses and wild horse trainers. I also signed up to be a volunteer to regularly work with the wild horses and get them ready for adoption. (It turns out training wild horses is not that different from trauma work. Desensitization. Introducing new things. Feeling fear. Learning to trust. Going slowly, so you don't retraumatize or make things worse. etc.)

Telling my story for the people at Far Between. I haven't seen it yet, but it felt SO good to just talk. To tell MY story. In front of a camera.

Symphony rehearsal now comes with a weather report. The local weather guy is our conductor for this concert. After we played a section, he'd say awesome things like, "Cloudy. Very cloudy today, but with a chance of sunshine soon. I hope." I love playing and being there and being part of the orchestra.

I have awesome friends. Seriously. I have amazing people in my life, and I love them a lot.

So, sorry this post is lame, but the mountains are calling me. It's time to go riding, and throw in some fishing along the way. 


  1. It's not a lame post, it's exactly what you titled it! So good to have such joy happening; keep embracing it all.

    With light. :)

    1. N - thank you. :) sending love and light to you as well.

  2. A fish pulled you all around the reservoir?? That is pretty awesome!! I wish Todd got video, that would've been really funny! You live quite a charmed life you know... It's pretty awesome!

    1. Actually. He did! At least for about two minutes. Maybe I'll post it here.
      And yes, I know. I do have a very charmed life. :)

  3. THanks for the update. Sorry I haven't talked to you much lately. Love you!