Thursday, January 8, 2009

The new bishop

Meeting with Bishop Campbell was a very interesting experience. I have been in that office a lot of times, and spent a lot of time there. I was so sad that Bishop Johnson wasn't there. He has been sucha huge support to me, and a good friend, and I am so greatful for him. I didn't like being in his office and having to talk to some other guy.

Bishop Campbell was incredibly sweet and kind. He seemed to understand mostly that he just couldn't understand. He wanted to. I could see in his eyes love and compassion for me. In fact, it was the very same love I had seen in Bishop Johnson's eyes. I knew where the feeling came from, and I knew that Bishop Campbell was the bishop.

I am so grateful for the gospel, and the church leadership. I am grateful that although I will miss Bishop Johnson being in the ward, seeing him at church, and counseling with him like I used to, I also know that I am not alone. I have gone to Bishop's, teachers, leaders, friends, etc., looking for someone to love me, to understand me, and to help me to understand myself and what happened. None of them could or would.

Bishop Johnson worked so hard to figure me out. He was willing to put in so much time, and so many prayers. I know it was so hard on him and his family, and I also know he saved my life in so many ways! Then he sat down with Bishop Campbell and they talked about all of the crap I have been through, and how hard I am working to find a different life. Bishop Johnson also shared his love for me, so that I could feel loved from the new bishop.

I am not expressing myself as well as I would like. I just feel so grateful. I feel so hopeful for what will come. And yet, I feel so sad, because things are changing, and I miss the way things used to be.

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  1. I think the Lord places the people we need in our lives at the right time. Whether it be Bishops or friends or even random acquaintences, I think the Lord is more mindful of our lives then we sometimes realize.