Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm listening.

I got a note from a friend asking how I was doing today. As I was replying back, I started writing about the animals that surround me. I wrote the phrase, "They are my spirit guides. They can't explain what I need to do - they just show me."

The past few days, my cat has been extra "needy". If I sit anywhere, she immediately jumps in my lap, starts purring, and goes to sleep. I feel bad waking her up, so I stay sitting. I slow down to pet her, and I am calm.

My horse has stayed right up next to the fence. When I go out to the pasture, he stays right next to me. I feel like he's watching over me. Yesterday, while I was petting him, he laid down and stretched out in the sun. I laid down next to him and put my head on his neck. I don't know how long we laid there, but it was long enough.

I feel... calm.
And I feel amazed.


  1. It's amazing the sense that animals have. I've often pondered about what they think and feel. Sometimes they are much more in tune to us than we are to each other.

  2. I think people have the ability to be that in tune with each other, but it gets lost... We have the ability to think and plan (that most animals don't have). That connection to the world has been lost. (I'm totally picturing the movie Avatar at this moment.)