Thursday, October 27, 2011

The poker game

A good friend of mine wrote this blog post, and I think she hit it spot on.

I especially love her analogy of the poker game.
"I would compare it to a round of poker.  “Genetics deals the cards, environment determines the number/skill of your opponents, and you play the hand.”

I also love this:
"In other words, don’t obsess about your body in front of children. Don’t encourage them to try fad diets.  And, of course, eat cake at their birthday parties.  Your children will thank you."

Only, I doubt your children will thank you, because they won't know any other reality. They will just know what it was like to have parents that eat birthday cake. They won't know that some people don't get to enjoy such wonderful things.

Love your body.
You're beautiful!


  1. i like those thoughts. when I find some more time I might have to read your friends blog.

  2. I like to eat cake at birthday parties and other times, too!