Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy flashbacks with just one breath.

Putting up some fencing this morning. Ran out of materials. Here in town, there is a little tiny hardware store that is jam packed full of everything you could ever possibly think about wanting. It's kind of awesome.

During the summer, they keep the front door propped open, and today was the first day I've ever been there with the door closed. A very strong aroma hit me as I walked through the door.

I breathed in deeply. It smells like...

Saturday morning trips to the hardware store with my dad. He'd buy me little gifts. Candy bars. Key chains. Notebooks. Pens.

I didn't care much about the gifts. I just wanted to be near him. People would say we had the same smile. I'd talk his ears off. He'd explain to me how he was going to fix whatever it was he was fixing. I'd listen intently, even if I didn't really understand.

I'm used to smells and sights and experiences triggering flashbacks.
I'm not used to those flashbacks being so simple and happy.


  1. I'm glad you had this happy flashback. I've been scanning pictures for mom and it's been fun to have some happy flashbacks as I see pictures of things we did together. It's funny to remember the happy.

  2. Me too!!
    It caught me a little off guard... I guess now that I have sorted through so much crap, the happy can come through.