Thursday, December 29, 2011

Horse vs. Train

Last September, I was out trail riding. Running. I got off balance, Sunny (the horse) stumbled, and I did a beautiful flip over his shoulder. I landed on my back and got a hoof to my nose. I have not let Sunny run all out since that day. We've run on the trails, but I've always held him back.

Recently, we were out on a GREAT running trail. It's seven miles long, smooth, wide, and very few people on it. With BJ and Bo in front, we ran, but Bo can't run even close to what Sunny can do when I let him.

We were stopped. Looking out at the lake when we saw the train coming. (The tracks parallel the trail, following the edge of the lake.)

BJ asked who I thought would win: Sunny or the train.
Suddenly, all fear was gone, and we were off!!
We ran as fast as Sunny could go. No holding back.

That just felt good.

...eventually BJ and Bo caught up to us. :)