Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lesson learned

Something to remember about myself:
I feel anxious when I am not acknowledging myself and my wants.
As soon as I acknowledge what I want, I feel better. That doesn't necessarily mean I have to say a word to anyone else. I just acknowledge I have wants. To MYSELF.
Doesn't mean I will get what I want. It just means I am honest with myself about what I want.
The End.


  1. Sometimes, we need to "realize" and then "actualize" before we actually DO. Does this make sense?

    I think it's wonderful that YOU know that you need to be honest with who you are and your needs. I admire that you are willing to share the process of realization. It is such a powerful message that you are conveying.

    I value it.

    Be well Jen.

    Light and love to you. :)