Monday, July 6, 2009

To Sleep During Strong Winds - T.O. Paul Harper

Paul gave this poem to me when I left CFC. He wrote it as a present for all of his patients as they "graduated". I wanted it saved somewhere that I could look back on it... I figured this was the best place I have.
To Sleep During Strong Winds
by: T.O. Paul Harper

When the storms of life wash over you
and you feel you're about to go under,
and the fear clouding your judgment
is growing with each clap of thunder,

Find a quiet spot, take a deep breath,
close your eyes, and with imagination
see a small vessel tossed east and west
its crew certain of stormy devastation.

They called to the Master who lay asleep
wondering of His careless abandon
and watched Him with a word, calm the deep
no doubt or hesitation in standing.

"Who is this that even the seas obey?"
And with wonder they pondered the event.
They could not doubt the lesson taught
nor their faith in the message sent

Ths storm was one of many they saw
in the choppy course of their lives
but never again did they doubt or withdraw
patiently riding out stormy skies

They knew the power at their disposal
which calmed the storms in their mind
and learned to sleep during strong winds
which make ordinary men blind.

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  1. That reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures. In Phillipians 4:13 it says I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I think that's so powerful. He has the power to calm any storm. If we rely on him he will calm storms for us or sometimes he will simply strengthen us to get through the storm. Either way, through his power we are protected.